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SCOTD: Ratchet Music

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I was thinking to myself, what did I do yesterday that felt good and replenishing? And my mind is all fuzzy and I deflee was listening to the City Girls and dancing ratchedly in my car with the sound on blast and ALL the windows down. Mind as well had the damn hatch door open. HONEY, I enjoyed myself.

Why is that self care?

Well, it’s because I was able to suspend myself to the moment. Mindfulness is such an important part of self care. In order to know what you need you have to be quiet enough to do it and mindfulness is the practice of being present in the current moment, not a minute from now or a year ago. So yes, the self-care moment was mindfulness and it was mindfulness during a good ole City Girls session.

Sometimes we need a vacation from ourselves and if we can suspend ourselves to the moment, we can have that (mind) vacation. Go listen to some music!

Top Three Song Recommendations: Jobs, That Old Man, Come Outside

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