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DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and is a therapy that was created by Marsha Linehan in the 1970s. This therapy is the best course of treatment for those struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder but because we know that BPD is often trauma based, this intervention is helpful to those with complex trauma or PTSD and has also been researched and found to be helpful for those struggling with mood disorders.


Comprehensive DBT includes a clinician who participates in a consultation group, coaching and participating in a 6 month skills training class in addition to counseling. While I used to offer this, currently I am offering DBT informed counseling where I incorporate skills training in individual sessions. Skills training allows you to learn coping skills and strategies to change your behavior and learn to balance the need for acceptance and change. If you want to know more about DBT, please click HERE.

Artist painting on canvas - 640x427.jpg

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts therapy is defined as a combination of “the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing, and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development… By integrating the arts processes and allowing one to flow into another, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, clarity, illumination and creativity." Please read more about this HERE and HERE.

But what if I am bad at art?

There is no need to be “good.” Often times I find that with doing traditional art, clients have an opportunity to challenge perfectionism and unrealistic expectations of themselves. However, if you don’t like to paint or draw, Expressive Arts is much more than that! Expressive Arts therapy incorporates the body and expression as a part of the healing process, that may include body movement, physical art, writing, breath work, music, etc.



EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This therapy was first created to help with PTSD and trauma but has been found to be effective with people struggling with various different maladies. EMDR helps you reprocess painful experiences and reduce/eliminate the emotional and physiological reactions you have in the present. For more information please go HERE. I also find that these videos help my clients understand EMDR: HERE, HERE, HERE

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