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fees & facts

My fee for service is $125 dollars per 55 minute individual session. The insurances I accept are Medical Mutual, and United Health Care (both Medicaid and private), and Caresource (Medicaid).


  • How does scheduling an appointment work?
    Typically clients have a consistent appointment as that's what's typically preferred. If you have a changing schedule, that may prove to be an issue so please let me know in the consultation if this is the case. Scheduling a consult is done on the contact me page and that is done via the SimplePractice system that is HIPAA compliant. This is where you will also complete paperwork.
  • Do you offer talk therapy?
    Yes, with skills based therapy, expressive arts and EMDR. I tell clients that I do not offer traditional talk therapy in the sense that you come in, tell me about your week and that's the extent of our work together. Talk therapy is wonderful and while many prefer it, it's important that you get what you need to improve your life when talking about your problems is not enough. This means that we will absolutely have talk sessions, because you want to feel comfortable and we want to build rapport (also if you are having a crisis in your life, we definitely will want to address it!). So, our work together is a bit of a mix depending on your specific needs.
  • What can I expect in my first session?
    After greetings I will make a copy of your insurance card and ID. Most first sessions include the completion of an assessment which is a gathering of information. At the end of the session we will establish goals for your treatment.
  • Do you offer teletherapy?
    Yes. Please note that you must be alone, in a room and at a chair when doing therapy. Because we do expressive work, EMDR, DBT, you can not be laying down on a couch or in a bed to participate.
  • How do we do expressive arts if we are doing tele therapy?
    When clients are tele therapy, I ask that they buy watercolors, paper, and crayons. Expressive arts includes the body/movement (if comfortable), as well as activities in session but those items are the absolute basics of what you will need.
  • How often do we meet?
    I offer weekly therapy appointments. Because we are doing trauma therapy, it is important that we build a rapport and that we are able to meet consistently to do our work together. That being said, sometimes due to schedule and/or finances, people have to change to biweekly (When people are ending services, they also typically asked to go biweekly). If you need biweekly in the midst of our work together please know that your regularly scheduled time may not be an option and you may have to be placed in a spot that has already been made to accommodate another biweekly appointment. And I do sometimes offer biweekly from the start, this is something discussed in consultation if it is possible.
  • Will you tell people what I talk to you about?
    NO! Due to HIPPA, by law I cannot tell people that you are engaged in counseling or about what we discuss without your permission. The only exceptions to this is if you tell me you will hurt yourself, hurt someone else or that a child or elder is being neglected (including not having utilities, food) or abused.
  • Do you see children or couples?
    No, I do not see anyone under the age of 18 or couples.
  • Can I bring my child to session?
    Due to the sensitive nature and topics of counseling, children are not allowed in session unless they are present for a family counseling session. Children are not allowed to wait unsupervised in the waiting room.
  • I am on probation/have CSB involvement/involved with juvenile courts. Can I see you as a part of my requirements for being involved with them?
    I cannot fulfill requirements for probation or CSB when involved due to substance abuse/addiction. If you feel your situation is specific/special, you can contact me to discuss.
  • I have workers compensation and need to be cleared for work. Do you do that?
    No, at this time I do not complete assessments and treatment for those involved in workers comp or are on leave from work due to addiction or mental illness.
  • If I have insurance, do I have to pay anything?"
    If you have medicaid insurance you will not owe anything at time of service. If you have private insurance, I will confirm benefits prior to appointment and notify you of any coinsurance/copays. Coinsurance and copays are due at time of service.
  • Do you accept insurance as an “out-of-network” provider?
    Yes. You will be charged for your session and I can submit a claim for you to be reimbursed or provide you with a superbill.
  • Do you have a sliding scale fee?
    Sometimes. Please check fee page.
  • Are there any issues you don't work with in therapy?
    I do not work with people whose primary issues are infertility/child rearing issues, college/academic issues, or eating disorders. EMDR can help various issues but I do not meet with people whose primary concern are these issues.
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