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SCOTD: Health and Wellness

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Anything health related, including physical activity. As I discussed with nature, please just google physical activity and mental health and you will see the benefits. But I want to add a caveat here…do not associate physical activity with weight loss/weight management. Yes, I told you what to do (despite not being a medical provider and therefore, not giving you medical advice).

I am telling you that once you separate the idea that moving your body has anything to do with changing how it looks, you will feel better. Is it a perfect endeavor? No. How could it be in this body and fat shaming society we live in?

*Because this blog is new, I will spend time talking about the specific thing I did and why it served as self-care. In the future you will have that information already so I will share with you more on the specific activity that day and my experience.*

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