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SCOTD: Walk and Pictures

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Today I went to the metro park and took pictures with my Canon Rebel SL3. I have taken two classes at this point to learn my camera and I still struggle. I may never be a professional photographer but I WILL take photos that I love. These may look like plain images but it is pretty difficult for me to get things to not be too overexposed or blurry. I actually prefer my photos underexposed, darker. I just like dark photos. But I think I did great with these.

I refuse to give up on learning this camera. I need to figure out how to film with it!

Here are my brown gams that look brown in the photo. Look at that.

What are these flowers again? *side eye*

What have you struggled with that you refuse to stop trying to get better at? Don’t give up. Progress not perfection.

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