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SCOTD: Unplug

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Today I walked to the local Chipotle. I ate outside and refused to be anxious about it (I brought alcohol spray and some sanitizer). I went to the local grocery store and bought myself some apples (cause they in season and yas) and some sunflowers. Then I went to the library and sat and read for a moment. It was nice.

But the BEST part was most definitely unplugging. I left my phone at home. This is something I like to do time to time as I hate being connected to my phone all the time. The feeling that I am so accessible is disorienting and I dislike it. It takes my focus away from what I am doing no matter what. I also hate that when I experience things the first thing I think is..let me grab my phone and take a picture. Or let me tell so and so. I want to experience life and not always be documenting it. I like to force myself to be with myself sometimes. And so, despite the reading and the eating something yummy and buying myself flowers, the self-care of today was most definitely unplugging by leaving my phone at home.

How can you unplug today? If you can’t unplug today can you plan to unplug and do some self-care another day?

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