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SCOTD: Float/Sensory Deprivation/Salt Tank

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I tried a flotation tank. Also called a sensory deprivation tank or a salt tank. I found out about it online when researching ways to calm your central nervous system, lower cortisol, help fibromyalgia, etc My friend also told me they did it once and I figured I would give it a try. It is said to improve sleep, lower cortisol, calm you, decrease chronic pain.

It’s essentially a pod where you sit in warm salt water and float. The way it works is you go in, take a shower and thoroughly wash your hair. This is very important as a black person because if you have oils or product in your hair you may potentially impact the water/tank and be charged some kind of fee. I would say wash your hair before going, then wash again. The fee is steep so I was paranoid about this (and they asked if I had oils in my hair when I got there). You will take a shower and then you will get in. The lights will eventually turn off and you will be in there completely dark unless you turn the light on. They play music and when it stops you know to get out. You can also have your phone (be careful, not really a great place to put it).

So, you essentially just float on your back for an hour butt ass naked.

I was dealing with gallbladder flare up at the time so I was not feeling physically well, I think it was very comforting. I do think one of the reasons it is beneficial is your brain is under-stimulated for an hour. It’s not something I would do on a regular basis because of the price but also because salt dries out your hair. I will definitely try it again. I got in on some kind of special which was 50 dollars but it’s usually 69 apparently. You can buy packages it seems. I overall recommend it.

Photo from Mystic Float and Wellness, in Canton. The tanks are hard to find..I think there is one in Rocky River as well if you’re in this area.

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