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SCOTD: Nature (Being outdoors)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Because this blog is new, I will spend time talking about the specific thing I did and why it served as self-care. In the future you will have that information and I will share with you more on the specific activity that day. For now, let’s talk generally.

One thing that I do as an act of self care is hiking. The area that I live in has beautiful metro parks.

All you have to do is google outdoors and mental health and you will find a host of information about the benefits of being outside. One thing that is great about being outside right now is that it is pretty low risk for Covid-19, as long as you are participating in the necessary guidelines.

If self-care is maintaining wellness, how does nature do that for me? Well, it helps my brain recenter. That’s the best way I can put it. I also love the challenge. When you are on a hike, there are branches in the way and mud to persevere through and that is such a representation of life! Sometimes in life we don’t have the opportunity to feel as though we were able to step over and push through all the obstacles, so doing so in another way can feel symbolic and help motivate me. Maybe this could be helpful to you too? Do you have the ability to hike? If not, how can you incorporate images of the outdoors.

Pictured is a hike from some time ago. Beautiful right? Here are more images.

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