SCOTD: Crafts and Golden Girls

Updated: Feb 12

I really wanted to do something with my bathroom. It was pretty plain and I decided that I wasn’t going to buy any decorations but I was going to do some myself.

I wanted to do something to stay busy Sunday so I decided to craft and watch the Golden Girls. I have decided that Sofia is my favorite Golden Girl. Her shade was just so damn effortless. Also, I think Dorothy comes in second. Unfortunately, I have decided that I am probably Rose.

I used old flowers I had sitting around, canvas, staple gun, glue gun and two fabrics from the 2 dollar and 4 dollar bin at Walmart.

Is it a lil tacky? Yes, but for some reason I have a thing for tacky things..when I make them. LOL

Can I also talk about the breakfast I made myself that morning..

#craft #crafting #goldengirls

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